Our leadership team is comprised of talented, driven individuals. We pride ourselves on quality, communication, and results in all aspects of commercial roofing. We are proud to introduce the Mahaney Roofing leadership team!

  • Mark Bolt
    Mark Bolt
    President and Owner
  • Heidi Perez
    Heidi Perez
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Damon Young
    Damon Young
    Vice President
  • Colin Meredith
    Colin Meredith
  • Tim Schoenhofer
    Tim Schoenhofer
  • Chad Naylor
    Chad Naylor
    Project Manager
  • Spencer Unruh
    Spencer Unruh
    Project Manager
  • Lupe Arguelles
    Lupe Arguelles
    Roofing Superintendent
  • Jose Ballin
    Jose Ballin
    Sheet Metal Superintendent
  • Tim Tyler
    Tim Tyler
    Service Superintendent
  • Julie Tanner
    Julie Tanner
    Service Coordinator
  • Ken Philpott
    Ken Philpott
    Safety Director
  • April Lyerla
    April Lyerla
  • Morgan Cabral
    Morgan Cabral
    Human Resources Manager
  • Gloria Montes
    Gloria Montes
    HR Assistant
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