Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead

The complexities of today’s hi-tech world necessitate an acute understanding of new roofing compounds, chemicals, and applications. Mahaney Roofing participates in manufacturer seminars, conferences and training sessions to ensure all employees thoroughly understand application techniques and exercise safety in all aspects of the their jobs.

Mahaney Roofing’s strength and future rest in large part with its employees. Many have been with the company for over 20 years. Another internal strength is the company’s equipment and truck fleet, which are maintained and upgraded regularly. Administrative strength is demonstrated through frequent policy and operation reviews to better ensure optimum usage of labor, materials, and capital.

Mahaney is committed to enhancing the experience of our clients by investing in our people. The company recently hired a new COO as a commitment to the growth of the organization and the employees. Our focus is on training and developing our existing workforce, while also expanding our workforce for the future. In this way we can continue to serve our clients, and provide an opportunity for growth and career advancement to our employees.

It is the mission of the Mahaney Roofing Company to provide hope and a future for all employees who join our team. Our current strategies support pay increases that create a professional environment where every employee is paid a living wage. We are also committed to enhancing company benefits, and providing individual health insurance benefits that are paid in full by the company.

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